This book is the true story of Nancy Yoshida and her 2009 Iditarod Race. Nigel one of her dogs tells the story. Nancy's sled breaks 8 miles out of Finger Lake making it almost impossible to keep it upright. Being in the mountains made it even more difficult. While accepting help from another driver to upright her sled from over the side of the trail Nigel makes a decision the affects the rest of the race as well all his teammates.



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Mike Races Again is a fictional story based on a true story about a sled dog named Mike. It is the story of a musher, or dog driver in Alaska, training for the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. While in Alaska training for the race Mike stepped into a snare trap, almost losing a back foot. A trap was on the trail where the team was running one day during a training run. Mike had to be carried in the sled for two hours to get back to the kennel. Then the journey to see a vet,  surgery and his miraculous recovery allowing him to start the 2009 Iditarod sled dog race.

It is truly an inspirational story showing the amazing resilience for Alaskan Huskies. It also shows the bond between dog mushers and their dogs and the lengths they will go to insure their dogs good health. It truly demonstrates what it is what it is to be a team.





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